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In Paklenica there is something for every climber – be it sport climbs in any grade or multipitches of the verticals of Anića Kuk. The approach to sport climbing crags is straightforward (right beside the hiking trail) and is therefore available to anyone, kids and seniors alike.
Paklenica offers exquisite climbing possibilities throughout the year – the dry winter of Paklenica has attracted climbers from around the globe for many years and is an excellent alternative to the established winter destinations like Spain or France.


Rafting and kayaking on the Zrmanja river (~ 40km from the city of Starigrad-Paklenica) are the favourite activities of water sports lovers. Crystal clear waters of Zrmanja swell in autumn and spring offering ideal conditions for rafting. In the summer months, kayaking (a particular favourite with kids) is recommended due to the lower water levels.

Mountaineering through the Velebit, in particular the Paklenica, is the only way to truly appreciate Paklenica. National park “Paklenica“ contains approximately 150-200 km of mountain trails of various difficulty and length. From the Great Paklenica gorge to the Manita peć cave, over the highest peak of the Velebit – the choices and possibilities are endless. All trails are appropriately marked.

During the 60s of the last century (1963 - 1968) movies featuring the character Winnetou adapted from the novels by the famous German writer – Karl May, were being recorded in the proximity of Starigrad-Paklenica. In 2009 the first Winnetou museum was opened. The organized Winnetou tours will take you for a nostalgic adventure with unforgettable moments.
Adrian Sea

In the breaks from climbing, mountaineering and rafting, take a chance to rest on the fascinating beaches of the Paklenica coastline. Indulge in the fairytale shores with the most exquisite and romantic sunsets. Treat yourself to the delicious Mediterranean food in one of the numerous restaurants. Sample the local wine along with the amazing seafood such as the fresh mussels and truly enjoy in every moment spent with us.
Croatian national parks

There are eight national parks in Croatia. Five of these jewels of nature are located in or in the immediate vicinity of Starigrad-Paklenica (Paklenica, North Velebit, Kornati, Plitvice lakes, Krka). When God created the Earth, he spared no expense in these lands. From the deep canyons of Paklenica, over the emerald waters of Kornati to the waterfalls of Krka –  few destinations can brag with such diversity and beauty.
The City: Starigrad- Paklenica
Apartmani "Anića Kuk"
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