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A house is a symbol of home and as such, a symbol of us. For us it is not just plain and simple four walls, rather it reflects our core and nature. Explore our selection of apartments and take a peek into our soul...

Family Marasović

Family is the core of the Croatian soul. It is the unbreakable connection made by fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. Family is the source of inspiration, love and support.


The most prominent cliff of Paklenica is „Anića Kuk“. Rising to above 300 m, Anića Kuk towers over and dominates the Paklenica scenery enriching it with its greatness and beauty. Anića Kuk“ apartments are an architectural synonym to this beauty. Nevertheless, Starigrad-Paklenica have much more to offer. Take a look..

Apartmani "Anića Kuk"
Josip Marasović
Paklenička 6a
23244 Starigrad-Paklenica

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